“Roger Green opens a life’s journey into feng shui. He teaches with rampant enthusiasm & his intuitive knowledge appears to have no boundaries. The course is soul inspiring. An absolute gem! I would do it again.” – Ian

“The information you shared with us was truly amazing. And the manner in which you inspire understanding is remarkable! I cannot believe how much I got out of just four days. I learned more in Module One than the sum of everything I have learned about Feng Shui so far in my life. Everything came together and somehow you were able to impart a true wholeness to this often segmented and confusing Art”
– Jan, well known Interior Designer from CA

“Our consultation was awesome. The students who came to give us the consultation were so knowledgeable. They listened well and asked us great questions. The questions helped us to focus on what we wanted to get out of our consultation. After speaking to them we realized that keeping our work and personal life separate was our main goal since we both work from home.”

“They went above and beyond that. We learned about what colors where best for our personalities, where the best place to put things in the house are and how to enhance the aesthetics naturally present in our Edwardian apartment. Right after they left we started moving things around and the suggestions we have already taken have really shifted things in the house. Since my workspace is not separate from the rest of the house our whole life and relationship has shifted. We are creating more balance. It was a great experience; I would recommend it to anyone.”
-Darshana Weilland Chris Berkner, San Francisco

“The School of Feng Shui is a gift to all who want to know the “real deal” about feng shui. No gimmicks here. This was a true educational experience. The importance of knowing why certain treatments and cures work is stressed. Roger Green is a master feng shui practitioner who generously shares his life experience and knowledge of this ancient Chinese art with his students with humor and with grace and ease. By the end of the course work I was confident that I had the tools and the knowledge necessary to be of service to people interested in “being feng shuied”.
– Melissa Moorer Nobles

“Have just finished the last stage of my first FS consult. The client had been very low for a long time. There was such synchronicity in the whole session and we were so in tune, that he emerged totally enthused. Has gone off to organize getting his whole premises redecorated and reorganized during the Xmas break. It was such an inspiring experience. Thanks for passing on such wonderful knowledge, and for getting us to a stage that we are able to get out there and apply it.

“This was the most comprehensive training a Feng Shui practitioner could get. Being part of the NY School of Feng Shui is an ongoing process of learning and achievement. We are prepared to offer clients a full spectrum of options when asked to enter their living or working space. I am grateful for the experience and encourage you to choose the same path. Many blessings,”- Barbara, NY Student 2003



August 8, 2008 at 8:03 pm

Module 9

Heal the Earth one room, one place one person at a time! In Sustainable Living Environments, you will learn how to avoid and transform environments that are debilitating and destructive and explore a range of tangible and subtle elements which positively impact the environments that support all of life. The nature of reality is guided by the choices we make. In no other practice is it more important to choose wisely and consciously than in our building practices and materials. Building in a sustainable manner is imperative for global survival and the preservation of humanity. Explore exciting possibilities for creating spaces following Ecological and Sustainable Design principles. Become familiar with the process of designing earth friendly structures that support life and bring joy to those that inhabit them. A resource guide to green and sustainable materials as well as class room instruction on design will be provided.

The Healthy Dwelling and Eco-Design Principles

Knowledge of Building Biology is an essential component of the Feng Shui course in that it enables us to guide our clients towards optimum health. When giving a client advice on the best way in which to arrange their home – we need to be aware of any environmental factors that may compromise their health. This training also addresses the biological and health aspects of our dwellings. We will examine strategies to detect and mitigate conditions such as indoor pollution and physical dangers in our living and workspaces. Learn to test, diagnose and provide solutions for creating healthier indoor space using organic design principles and materials.

Air Quality

We can’t live without air. However, often we are living with air that is neither fresh nor clean – and doing so compromises our quality of health and longevity. Increasingly in our homes and offices, the air quality is depleted because of moulds, or the variety of chemicals and synthetics that we use. These are multiple harmful elements in the products that we bring into the house, or are already contained in the building materials and/or the furnishings in the home. We will examine what these chemicals and synthetics are, how we come across them in everyday life (usually without being aware of it), the impact they have on our health, and how to turn the situation around so that we can move closer to the fresh, clean air we used to breathe.

Water Quality

We Are water. Water is a fundamental requirement for life. Traditionally, our water supply came from constantly moving streams, rivers or springs and was energized, clean and pure, adding to our health and vitality. These days the water that comes out of our taps is often a depleting cocktail of bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals. We’ll take a good, strong look at the state of our tap water – what’s been added to it, what that means for our health – and most importantly, what we can do to provide ourselves with water that actually nourishes us once again.

Passive Solar Design

Passive solar design is essential, along with day-lighting strategies, to encourage balanced emotions, comfort, and efficiency.

Green Sustainable Design

Natural materials and conscious practices support sustainable daily living while ensuring resource efficiency and a healthy environment.


We will explore the inter-relationship of humanity and the natural environment. “You will come away from this course with an impressive array of very usable tools that you can immediately put to use in your work”.

Electromagnetic Fields

Increasingly in today’s industrialized world, we are inundated with previously unknown sources of chemicals and pollutants and unseen electromagnetic and microwave radio frequencies, which are unleashed into our environments from appliances, building materials, and finishes. It is a well-known fact that chemicals, inorganic compounds, molds, allergens, electromagnetic fields, and microwaves can cause biological stresses and disease to the body. The effects of “Sick Building Syndrome” are now widely felt in our homes and in our office environments.

Spending time near electromagnetic fields, and microwave transmissions is now a fact of life. They fill our air and surround us on a daily basis – whether we’re aware of it or not. In order to safeguard our health, and that of our families, we need to become aware of what they are, where they are, what they’re doing to us, and how to minimize their effect on us. If you’ve ever wondered about power lines, substations, laptop computers, wireless technology, baby monitors,low-voltage lights, clock radios, electric blankets, mobile phones, cordless phones, microwaves – or any of the other appliances in your home or office – then this is the course that’ll give you the answers!

Learn about the differing types of fields, how they are produced, and also refer to the research about their impact on our health. We’ll look at what we now call ‘everyday’ situations, in the home and office, and at ways in which we can avoid or minimize the amount of fields that are present in our homes and offices. We also learn to prioritize which areas of the house are most important, which appliances or technology we need to use with caution, and how we can still live in the modern world whilst protecting our health.

August 8, 2008 at 8:02 pm

Module 8

Clear your clutter, Transform your LIFE!

Transform the spaces where you live and work and bring Magic and ‘pure light’ back into your life. The energy of your surroundings affects you on many levels. By clearing the negative and/or stuck energy of your home and business, you can move with confidence into the future. You will find that the things you wish for in your life come with greater ease and Feng Shui cures work more effectively.

In this highly motivating 4 day course based on Karen Kingston’s international bestselling book, “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui”, Tracey Stanton will guide you step by step to transform your relationship to clutter. You will be inspired to clutter clear as never before! Any kind of clutter acts as an obstacle to the flow of energy or chi around a space. This in turn creates stuck energy and/or a lack of clarity in the lives of the occupants. Fundamentally, Clutter Clearing is about letting go. Let your unloved or unused items go and allow the chi to flow! It involves letting go of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual attachments that inhibit us from having a life free from fears and negative emotions.

We will learn rituals that promote well being, health, and prosperity. We will also explore basic space clearing and emotional clearing techniques using: sound, sight, smell, sense, and intuition. We will explore the reasons why energy gets stuck in the first place and what you can do to move that energy. We live in a vibrational world – everything that exists around us consists of vibrating energy. This course will offer an understanding of the different planes of existence and the intersection of the seen and unseen worlds. All cultures have some form of Space clearing or “Space Healing” rituals that bring in positive qualities into the space for its occupants. The idea of filling a space with pure, healthy energy is not new. Spiritual paths including Tibetan Buddhism, Christianity, Native American and Feng Shui have always placed a high priority on creating a clear and harmonized atmosphere in our homes and workplaces.

There is nothing like a living space that feels just right. We may all have very different tastes in decoration and furniture style but when it comes down to the feel of a place we would probably all agree that we don’t want to live in a space that makes us feel uncomfortable and ill at ease. What makes the energy in a living space uncomfortable? It is usually an accumulation of stagnant energies. These negative energies can accumulate in a number of ways because we are constantly creating energies around us with our thoughts, intentions, emotions and words Space Clearing and Harmonization is the process in which a beautiful ceremony is performed along with other methods to refine the subtle energies of your home or business. It is non-denominational and is not affiliated with any particular religion but belongs to all the ancient and traditional cultures, including the west.

We all leave energetic impressions on our environments, both positive and negative and our environments make impressions on us. Space Clearing and Harmonization in your home or office removes residual unpleasant energies. Drawing from Balinese, India, Chinese, Native American, Celtic and other ancient traditions, you will learn to perform specific time-honored sacred rituals to clear and balance and fill the physical, emotional and spiritual energies of your space with love, joy and light.


Using special harmonic bells, sacred mantra’s, smudging with the smoke of anciently revered herbs and plants, and a variety of other tools, you will be able to release stagnant fields of energy and any negative vibrations.


This is performed with the clear tones of a bar chime, pinchon bells, or other tools that purify with sound.


Learn how to write positive affirmations for each area of your life.


Through the use of lighted candles, aromatherapy spray infusers, a quick spritz with scented water or even the sprinkling sound of a delicate bell, you can maintain the clarity of your home’s energy.

Clutter Clearing for Feng Shui

It is important to acknowledge how powerful and transformative the act of Clutter Clearing is to the whole practice of Feng Shui. Until effective Clutter Clearing has been done, Feng Shui cures and enhancements usually produce minimal results. Clutter Clearing is a powerful tool for growth that can be incorporated into a Feng Shui consultation or used as a stand alone process. Learn the ethics associated with this work, and methods of grounding and protecting yourself. Clutter clearing is essential to achieving long-term goals, and is a fast-track method to getting there. A major focus of this course is helping you gain the confidence and clarity to make decisions and take action in your life!

About Tracey

Tracey Stanton is one of only a handful of people in the world currently authorized to teach Karen Kingston’s workshops. Her love affair with Space Clearing began in 2002 when she visited Bali to take a series of workshops with Karen. Since then she has participated in and assisted Karen at numerous workshops and trainings in the US, Bali and the UK. She is at the forefront of the continuing evolution of new levels of Space Clearing and Clutter Clearing. Tracey has been a full-time registered Space Clearing and Clutter Clearing practitioner since 2003. She has space cleared the homes and businesses of more than 350 people in the US, Asia, Australia and the UK. Originally from the UK, Tracey lived in Singapore for 9 years, establishing a thriving Space Clearing & Clutter Clearing practice under the auspices of her company, Red Alchemy. She garnered media acclaim in numerous magazines, newspapers and TV programs. Since moving to the East Coast of the US in January 2006, her services have been in great demand, with clients in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maine and Massachusetts. She travels out of state on request. A passionate and inspiring teacher, Tracey combines a wonderfully fun approach to clutter clearing with the wisdom of years of experience gathered from conducting consultations in a wide variety of homes and businesses around the world.

August 8, 2008 at 8:01 pm

Module 7

Sacred Geometry can be defined as an understanding of the underlying numerical and geometric principles of Creation. Using an awareness of ratio, or the relationship between two or more elements, Sacred Geometry demonstrates how everything in the Universe is connected and that the only power that can truly create is Love. The more coherent a space is the more vitality it will nurture.

There exists in nature patterns in shapes, colors and mathematics that are the description and content of creation. Within these patterns we encounter the underlying principles that make it possible for our universe to exist! The movement of energy as it proceeds in its never ending process of transformation can be seen. It is a universal language of truth, harmony, beauty, proportion, rhythm and order. Within the dance lie sub-atomic particles, spiraling galaxies, wave theory, zero point, holographic fields, the fractal universe, geometry of DNA, and finally, sacred architecture. Embark on this path to understanding who you are, where you are from and where you are going.

Throughout this dynamic module you will:

Draw the sacred shapes and explore their integration into real world design. We will explore the practical uses in spatial design – a fusion of Geomancy, science and Feng Shui, while integrating sacred geometry and architectural harmonies into our work. Every culture and society, since the beginning of time has had their version of a synergistic interrelationship with these patterns. We will view case histories and examples of the patterned language of nature, including geometric shapes, music, art, the human body, landscaping, architecture inspired by the Cosmic Order, including Feng Shui, Sacred Geometry and Vastu Shastra (vedic design) Mandalas.

Historical as well as cultural perspectives will be entertained so as to draw a relationship between primitive indigenous and modern design. By studying the nature of these forms and their relationship to each other one may gain insight into the scientific, philosophical, psychological, aesthetic, and mystical laws of the universe.

Building Materials

As a rule of thumb we should employ building materials in a state closest to that in which they are found. The more coherent a material is the more vitality it will nurture. (best first)
Metals: Gold, palladium, platinum, silver, copper, iron, tin, steel, aluminium.
Woods: Hardwood (close grained, hi mineral), Softwoods (loose grained, lo mineral).
Stones: Granite, limestone (paramagnetic). Sandstone, slate (diamagnetic). Glass.
Fabric: Hemp, silk, cotton, wool, polyester, synthetic.

  • An introduction to the language: the shapes, numbers and patterns.
  • The geometry of living forms: the golden section, Fibonacci sequences, the five-pointed star and the spiral. We will also look at the idea of beauty and how the parts relate to the whole.
  • Develop a fundamental understanding of how Nature moves, grows and expresses ‘Harmony’.
  • Learn the fundamentals of what is called ‘Sacred Geometry’ or Divine Ratio.
  • Learn the Basic Principles of creating Harmonic or ‘Sacred Space’ by using Shape, Ratio and Proportion.
  • See how these Principles have been and are being used in Nature, Art and Architecture.
  • Learn the Geometry of Compassion and Love.
  • Learn how our perceptions of the world literally create our reality and how to become more conscious of what it is we wish to create.
  • Become more aware of the Creative Power of our thoughts, feelings and emotions.
  • Learn the meaning of ‘Coherence’ , ‘Shareability’ and ‘Sustainablity’ in our hearts and our outer environments.
  • Learn what happens in our hearts and our bodies when we become less judgemental, more loving (more coherent) and specifically when we make ourselves available to ‘clear’ energy.
  • Learn the importance of creating individual and group Bliss in our lives.
  • Develop a greater appreciation of our collective role and responsibility in the creation and maintenance of our Eco-System and beyond.
  • Have the opportunity to explore how this knowledge can raise our awareness and bring us one step closer to Remembering Who We Truly Are.
  • Study the symbolism of numbers and shapes through discussion and stories.
  • Explore the way sacred space is created in cultures from around the world.
  • Learn how geometry relates to the idea of beauty and harmony in our lives and the world around us.
  • Experience the ideas of sacred space from different cultures by drawing the patterns.

Sacred Architecture

“The bee hive and the pine cone are excellent examples of sacred architecture because as biological capacitors they implode charge, making life and bliss possible and sustainable. They are made of biologic di-electric (self-similar at atomic and molecular symmetry levels), what Reich used to call orgone material, really names for fractal capacitive di-electric. The reason a beehive or a celtic straw hut in sea spray makes things live so long, is because they are good capacitors. Ancient dolmen sites, fresh eggs and even cathedrals hold life in bliss in the spell of their charge, because they are ‘in charge’ – that is – FULL OF CHARGE. Life occurs when biological structures learn to gather charge in enough different wavelengths to cause them to compress or ‘implode’. When enough different waves gather in one place in the Golden Mean ratio they begin to suck in an infinite number of other waves – but always in Golden Mean ratio. This is the only way the universe has of arranging an infinite (in-PHI-knit) number of waves to gather at ONE point without hurting each other.”

August 8, 2008 at 8:01 pm

Module 6

These trainings with Patricia Michael will be an intimate experience using our senses to begin to read the sacred book of nature. We will learn how to use the five senses, as well as, intuition, heart and mind and personal experience to bring ourselves to an awareness of the unique aspects of any site, be it building or land. Thus, we will engage in an embodied exploration of space. Learn how to employ these principles to broaden the way we think about our bodies and our environment. In this module Patricia includes exercises, lectures, discussions and design examples from over twenty years of Permaculture design experience, presenting a veritable feast of techniques for growing our senses to analyze a site and design for safety, health, comfort, beauty and success.

Using the analogy of our bodies as our first architecture, we will introduce the development of architecture from Sufi stories that narrate how spaces in the Middle East, North Africa and India have been designed to support the development of the human spirit. We will explore the use digital photography, colors, symbols and forms as well as words as tools to record our impressions about a site.

Design with a Deeper Agenda

This is a design system for creating sustainable human environments. Base your designs on the observation of how healthy, natural systems work. Learn how to truly harmonize with nature! Emphasize integrated pest management and disaster-proof designs. Improve the quality of water, air, soil, sound and tranquility on the site. Create useful connections between elements through thoughtful use of placement, scale, and edge dynamics and ‘Patterns of Nature’. The Book of Nature extends the effort to create a sustainable environment with resources that are healthful and nurturing for humans and other species that inhabit the site. This course describes the discipline of landscape design with particular emphasis on healing and regeneration of the land. It is a design system for creating sustainable human environments. The kind of Design we explore is based on principles of nature, revealed on environmental, economic, social and psychological levels. This is landscape design involving an ethical and deep understanding of the ‘Book of Nature’.

Natural Remodeling

We will cover a section on Natural Remodeling and Naturalizing a Home, including Pigments, Paints, and Plasters, and Natural Furniture. We will explore green furnishing options from the standpoint of ergonomics and chemical components, as well as practices of material sourcing. Wall surfaces cover a large area, and paint is a common source of indoor air pollution. Safe, ecologically sound, fun alternatives to conventional paints and wall finish: casein (milk) paints, clay paints, and earth plasters are explored. Considering that most of us spend 80% of our time in buildings, natural material alternatives are crucial to a healthy living environment.

The Soul of the Dwelling with Patricia Michael

Delve deeper into the unseen world of the site, the soul of the dwelling and of the landscape, and the designer’s soul (ourselves). The class will introduce Sufi teachings from Hazrat Inayat Khan to teach us personal practices to help achieve the attunement necessary to work with the unseen elements of the dwelling, the landscape and ourselves. We will strengthen and sharpen our attunement with the whole, learning to perform specific blessings and work with elements, breath and movement. Business and Presentation Skills for the Feng Shui Practitioner Patricia Michael will teach many graphic and presentation techniques to help the practitioner design materials for promotion of services and delivery of designs and other materials to the client. Patricia has an MFA in Art. She has taught graphic design, architecture, and art in several Universities and has over twenty years of experience delivering value to her design clients. Learn how to attract, consult, and follow up and sustain client relationships- from someone who has proven to be one of Americas most successful Eco- Designers.

August 8, 2008 at 8:00 pm

Module 5

Take this opportunity to study with one of Asia’s top Feng Shui Masters. Raymond Lo, popularly known as “Fung Shui Lo”, is a professional Feng Shui and destiny consultant, author and lecturer, who helps people create harmony in their environment for greater relationships, health, wealth and success. Mr. Lo has appeared on numerous television shows, including: ABC’s “Good Morning America”, BBC’s “Wicker’s World”, Australian TV “Today Show”, Discovery Channel’s “Feng Shui Makeover”, CNN’s “Tech Watch” and Chinese New Year interviews. He has also written a newspaper column for the Hong Kong Standard, as well as several popular Feng Shui books in English and Chinese, which have enjoyed worldwide popularity. Many of them have been translated into other languages such as Russian, Greek, Romanian, and Hungarian etc. He was lecturer at the School of Professional and Continual Education at the University of Hong Kong, consultant to the Hong Kong Tourist Board for their Feng Shui lectures and tours, as well as consultant for the Peninsula Hotel’s Peninsula Academy, and SCMP.com’s annual Feng Shui forecasts. And his speaking engagements have included the World Economic Forum.

Human relationships:

  • Simple destiny analysis step by step.
  • How to decide self element strong or weak.
  • How to decide favorable and unfavorable elements.
  • How to examine basic outlook and nature of a person based on Four Pillars.
  • How to examine career directions.
  • How to examine ups and downs cycles in life.
  • How to examine family background.
  • Five Tiger Chasing month.
  • Five Rat Chasing hour.

Note: It is Chinese tradition to select the best day for important occasions such as marriages, opening ceremonies or moving into a new house. The clients will provide background information such as their birth data and any special preference such as weekend, holiday, etc. Then, the auspicious day and auspicious hour is chosen for them.

To link up human fortune with the Universe, the Chinese have invented an ingenious system of calendar analysis which not only expresses the passing of time but also is able to reflect what kind of elemental influences are prevailing at a particular moment in time. Hence, any point in time, Hour, Day, Month, Year, taken and then translated into the Chinese calendar, will reflect what elements will be acting at such point in time. In other words, if we know the birth data of a person and express it in the terms of the Chinese calendar, we will get a bundle of elements which tells the composition of the destiny of such person.

I Ching Divination:

  • History and origin of the Trigrams and the I Ching.
  • The meaning of Trigrams and Hexagrams.
  • Different methods of divination.
    • Yarrow stalk.
    • Plum Blossom Oracle.
    • Three coins method.
  • Understanding of the Chinese Calendar.
  • Procedures in I Ching Divination.
    • Labeling a Hexagram.
    • Interpretations of a Hexagram.
    • Key element.
    • Unfavorable element.
    • Void element.
    • Hidden element.
  • Subject and Object lines.

August 8, 2008 at 8:00 pm

Module 4

This sophisticated form of astrology is an important Feng Shui tool for advising a client. Interpretation, once mastered, can be applied to auspicious timing, relationship compatibility, lucky colors, personalized feng shui design recommendations and many other aspects. It is an amazing and deep study of cosmological influences, and a rare form of astrology not widely known in the west. Only a handful of westerns have been able to master this art.

Discover the richness of eastern philosophy and learn how to apply its principles to health, design, prosperity and spiritual transformation. The 4 Pillars Astrology is based on Taoist Metaphysics and Cosmology, and is used extensively by Feng Shui experts in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Time changes everything. Therefore, time cycle Feng Shui is a must in the study and application of Feng Shui. Discover the energetics and elements that make up your potentials. Uncover many aspects of destiny, constitutional dynamics, and beneficial elements. Learn the 60 Jia combinations of Time Cycles Men Qi. This course will cover advanced methods and many case histories. You will learn how to make your own chart, interpret it and do the same for others.

The Four Pillars is an ancient system that reveals aspects of destiny, constitutional dynamics, and beneficial elements. This sophisticated method is as useful for deriving important and very personal Feng Shui information about Feng Shui clients such as aspects of their character. Armed with superior knowledge of their clients and their needs, the practitioner can optimize the relevance and results of the consultation.

Four pillars is an ancient system of constructing a Horoscope based on the “Heavenly Stems” and “Earthly Branches” at the hour, day, month and year of birth. Interpretation is the result of examining the manner in which the elemental and animal archetypes contained in the charts interact with aspects within the chart as well as conditions in the world.

Four Pillars’ greatest strength for Feng Shui is its ability to accurately determine the Element make-up of the subject. Once the self-element is determined beneficial elements can be recognized and the most appropriate Feng Shui adjustments and design choices can be made.

Let Roger take you on a fascinating 4 Pillar journey in time and space, yin-yang, spirals and elements to the very core of the formation of your constitution.

Roger Green is a pioneer of Four Pillars in Western culture, having introduced these methods for the first time to thousands of students in Europe, UK, USA and Australia. He created the first effective protocols for 100% correct chart calculations, stressing the importance of correct local solar time and developing the appropriate adaptation for the calculation of Southern Hemisphere charts. This work has never been accomplished before in history.

Included with this course is an extensive step-by-step manual for calculating and interpreting Four Pillars as well as Roger’s simplified technique for creating Four Pillars and Luck Pillars charts.

(Not available anywhere else)

August 8, 2008 at 7:59 pm

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Roger is recognized as one of the world's most innovative and dynamic teachers on Feng Shui. He is a pioneer of Feng Shui in the west, having been one of the first to teach classical Feng Shui methods in Europe, London and America.
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